Our Services

All our services are bespoke to fit the needs of our clients. 



Recruiting experienced professionals is tricky nowdays.

Leveraging on an extensive network of highly-skilled professionals, we offer human resources advisory services.

During a defined period or for a specific project, it allows us to deliver in-depth insights about your organization, help you re-designing your workplace, and train you in our methodology.

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Your leaders create your organization

Corporate leaders don’t only make important business decisions, they shape the culture of their organization through their behaviors.

Sustaining effective behaviors, while showing enough flexibility to adjust to environmental changes is a tremendous work, it requires: high self-awareness, effective practices, and higher quality feedback.

Executive Coaching aims at providing these three outcomes.


Any training's goal is to move up the development ladder, it is not only to help people being just a little better.

We want to help our clients creating new stories. To do so, you need a new starting point and our workshops are about starting from a different place to reach a greater impact.

Our methodologies are practice based, because the biggest challenge is not about understanding, it is about applying new knowledge in your everyday life.



We are the product of our environment. Concsiously or unconciously, your environment has a tremendous impact on your behavior. Sometimes the system itself needs to be addressed as a whole. We help our clients through several services:

Diagnosis of your organization using the Narrative Approach to identify the narratives that take place in your organization, and create new stories.

Process Consulting that consists mostly in removing ineffective control processes to develop your people's ownership.

Workshop Design that allows creative and constructive dialogues. As we often say, everything starts from a conversation, and a higher quality of conversation creates a higher quality of action.


80% of what you learn during one day of a traditional training is forgotten within 48 hours. This became common knowledge, and yet, trainings are still done the same way. This is a design problem.

We help you with two main services:

Design of educational programs for your in-house trainings : Let us help you design engaging and practice-based content for your in-house training. We design the program, run rehearsals, and hand out the intellectual property to you!

Delivery of practie-based developmental trainings : The biggest challenge is not about understanding new knowledge. It is about practicing what you learned. We leverage the latest knowledge in learning theories to create better programs. Our highly-skilled facilitators do the rest!

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