Our Services


All our services are bespoke to fit the needs of our clients. 



Your leaders create your organization — Corporate leaders don’t only make important business decisions, they shape the culture of their organization through their behaviors. Sustaining effective behaviors, while showing enough flexibility to adjust to environmental changes is a tremendous work, that implies: high self-awareness, effective practices, and continuous feedback. Executive Coaching aims at providing all of these.


The goal of any training is to move up the ladder of development — At LifeCrack, we don’t want to help people being just a little better. We want to help our clients creating new stories. To create a new story, you need a new starting point. Our workshops are about starting from a different place to reach a greater impact. Improving a system that doesn't work is not a long-term solution, changing it, is. Our methodologies are all long-term and always practice based, because only new practices can change your world.


Why workplaces should be boring? — Workplaces should be places of creativity. Yes, and yet, most of companies are not creating those spaces. We create bespoke corporate events that are fun and though provoking. If you want a regular team building event, this is not here that you will find it. If, like us, you are bored by the regular offers, then reach out! 



We are the product of our environment — Everyday, you influence your environment, and as much as you do, your environment has a tremendous impact on you in return. Sometimes, an individualistic approach is not enough, and the system itself needs to be addressed as a whole. We provide several services organized around three core approaches:

  • Diagnosis of your organization, using the Narrative Approach to identify the narratives that take place in your organization.

  • Process Consulting, that consists mostly in removing ineffective control processes to free your employees'ownership.

  • Design of workshop and spaces that allow creative and constructive dialogues. As we often say, everything starts from a conversation, and a higher quality of conversation creates a higher quality of action.

...And much more! 


We don't own what we know — 90% of what you learn in a one day traditional training is forgotten within 48 hours. This data has been around for a while, and yet, the shape of training done in the market change little. This is a design problem. We leverage the latest knowledge in learning theories to create better programs, and this knowledge can help you design better programs for your in-house training. You want to collaborate? We do too. 


It can take time and depth — We offer advisory services, allowing our professionals to spend more time with you to deliver more in-depth insights about your organization, and help you re-designing your workplace, and eventually train you in our methodologies.