We believe in a Humanistic Approach



What is a humanistic company? It is an organization that places on top of its priorities the well-being of his employees, respects environment and aims at creating a positive impact on society.

At LifeCrack, we believe that a company goal should be "Sustainability", that we define as being continuously relevant, while caring about the well-being of its employees and partners. Companies that last are able to reinvent themselves and keep adapting to technical evolution, societal changes, and environmental needs.

Those changes are mostly organic. Thus, the key for a continuous, successful adaptation lies in people rather in processes. Engaged employees only flourish in healthy environments, and these environments are created by outstanding leaders.

Our Commitment

We commit to put humanity at the core of our approach. We acknowledge the humanity in our clients by recognizing their uniqueness, in their strengths and struggles.

We believe that every organization and every individual is truly unique, and therefore don't believe in "best practices", which become mostly irrelevant when applied in a different environment.

Our answer is to apply a radical individualization, by: designing bespoke programs for our clients, individuals and organizations, giving priority to approaches that leverage collective wisdom of our clients, rather than imposing existing frameworks.

Simply put: we commit to designing and delivering programs that fit you, and only you.