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About LifeCrack

LifeCrack LLC was founded by Patrick Laudon, French executive coach based in Tokyo. LifeCrack’s approach can be described in a few words: radically bespoke, human-centric, collaborative and creative. 

The firm was founded with several ideas in mind:

  • You and us spend so much time working. Building the competences to improve your relationships and make your workplace a better place is not just "nice to have". It is an absolute necessity.

  • We are in the middle of fast-paced, changing times. We need, right now, to be creative about how we work and how we live to maintain relevant and sustainable workplaces.

  • We believe that an effective team is more powerful than any individual. Creating such team is precisely the role of a leader, and leadership development is about creating such leaders.

Our commitment to help creating better workplaces is even stronger in our time, when companies need to adjust to a fierce, global competition, without forgetting their essence, and while providing a caring work environment for their people. You are the author of your life. It is time to sit down, and start writing a different story!



Our Office 

LifeCrack LLC is located in the center of Tokyo, in the quiet and residential Yoyogi area, near busy Shinjuku. You are always welcomed to visit us!

Yoyogi 2-30-4, Shibuya, 168-0063 Tokyo Japan
(+81) 3-6869-0064


Meet Patrick

Patrick Laudon  ICF ACC

As both an Executive Coach and the founder of LifeCrack LLC, I am committed to provide services as a coach, which means in a human-centric, collaborative and creative approach.

Do you want to know more about me? Read my blog here... or download my profile.